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The Popular Volkswagen Jetta TDI

We have news for you, Chicago drivers, diesel isn't just big-rig fuel anymore. Small cars like the Volkswagen Jetta feature a clean-burning diesel powertrain that's powerful on top of being efficient. It's not just the Jetta, either - there's a TDI Volkswagen for everybody. VW offers clean diesel variants of the Passat, Golf, Touareg, and Jetta SportWagen. As if that's not enough, later this year a Beetle TDI Clean Diesel Coupe...

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The Volkswagen People's Car Project Unveils Hover Car Concept

Ah, the old flying car - you've probably seen or read about it a million times, in movies and books. We can think of a handful of examples right off the top of our head, and Volkswagen just added one more to the list. Earlier this year, the company challenged drivers in China to come up with a car of the future - one that would be well-suited to a busy urban setting, and would be...

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Volkswagen Celebrates 31 Months of Sales Growth

A couple weeks ago, we told you a little bit about the Passat's success story and the impact it has had on the Volkswagen brand as a whole. Now we'd like to share some numbers with you that support this theory. To start with, Volkswagen sales jumped 34.6 percent in March in the United States, no doubt in thanks to models like the impressively redesigned Volkswagen Passat and stylish VW Jetta. But...

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